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Latest Wedding Cards Ideas:

The wedding cards are not only for informing and inviting it's also express the style and theme of the special day. There are many wedding card designers in every city that you can choose from. Also check their reviews, prices, and details. Choose a card

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A wedding card designer is whose they'll design your cards. it’s important that you get your wedding invitation made by a designer. Because they know everything about what to do,  how to do, etc. There are many wedding card designers in every city that you can choose from. Also check their reviews, prices, and details. Choose a card designer who is well-made and under your budget as well.


There are two types or modes we can say by which we can invite our guests 

*1.*  Paper and print invitation.

*2.* Digital online invitation.

Here is a different style of wedding cards are there. And it will be helpful to point out a few trends.



 these are the wedding invitation cards using

*1.  Paper & printing;* 

# Laser cut wedding invitation.

# Foil wedding invitation.

# Letterpress wedding invitation.

# Pocket wedding invitation.

# Photo wedding invitation.

# Recycled paper card.

# Floral Designs cards.

# Chalkboard design it is popular and trending.

# Watercolor Design.

# Vintage Typography.

# Custom Illustrations.

# DIY Vintage Wedding Invitation PSD Template.

# Fairytale Wedding Invitation.

# Blue Flowery Wedding Invite.

*2. Digital invitation cards;*


As the times change, from classic to casual, traditional to modern, invitation cards are also changed now.

There are so many online websites that are so helpful in making digital invitation cards for your wedding.

You can design with yourself for every Indian wedding event, from the Sangeet and Mehndi to your ceremony and reception.

Online Indian wedding invitations save your time and money, 

And it totally depends on you what you want to choose between them. Which is comfortable and effective for you..!!


*Ans;* Wedding Invitation Shapes & Sizes. Pick the right shape and size of invitation for your wedding, like,tri-fold, gatefold, flat, square, bracket, round, landscape, etc.

# Standard Sizes.

# Themes for Wedding Invitations. Like, Rustic/Country, Vintage, Nautical, simple, elegant, modern, floral, etc.

# Colors for Wedding Invites. Make sure you will choose the loveliest color combinations.

#  Fonts for your wedding invitation. Choose fonts that look best with your themes and color combinations. Like, serif, Sans Serif, script, unique fonts.

# Paper type or material for your card. As Cotton Fiber, Felt Cardstock, Matte, Glossy, Parchment, vellum, Glassine, Recycled Paper, etc.

# Wedding Invitation Cost.


Ans; You have written information, quotes which all are vary by event. This all information will help your guests to find everything like, who's a wedding, when, where and so on...

These things you have to include in your wedding card is ;

# Hostnames.

# The couple’s names.

# Date and time.

# Location name and addresses.

# Other details and post-ceremony plans.

# Design elements.

You can also include chocolates, sweets, fruits with your card is looks soo sweet..!!

*For Digital online card ;* 

How can you create an online wedding card ??

 So Create the perfect invitation for your special day.

# Choose a wedding invitation template you love.

# Customize the design

#Get inspiration from professional designers.

#Use professional photographs or you also upload your own.

#Print your invitation card in stunning high resolution.

#You need to make a good impression.

Designing wedding invitation cards are worthy you have to take a premium membership and some are free of cost..!!

*As for paper & printed cards you have to send them with a person or you have to go personally for giving your guests.*

*And for digital wedding invitations, there are a few sites you should know about the following online services, they are affordable and helpful.*

You can send on your social media sites on which sites which help you to distribute the cards like, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, and various other social sites you use...!!

*Follow these Do's and don'ts for your wedding invitation*

*, Do's*

# Think about the impression your invitation makes.

# Do be consistent with wording.

# Do list the bride’s name first.

# Do include directions.

# Do be different.


# DON’T Postpone ordering invitations.

# Don’t use more than two fonts.

# DON’T Underestimate the number of your guests.

# DON’T Use labels to address your wedding invitations.

# Don’t skip ordering extra invitations and envelopes.

These words of advice always help you.


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