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Every girl dreams of looking the most beautiful at her wedding. Get desired perfect look for for all wedding fuction Mehandi, Haldi and Sangeet ceremony. Book the best professional makeup artists, hair-stylists in your city and look like a Diva,

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Wedding Makeup Artist
Make-up or makeup is about cosmetics products, which is used  face-to-face interactions and these substances frequently using to enhance the beauty of the human body, apart from simple cleaning. 
A make-up or makeup artist is an artist whose medium is the human body, applying makeup and prosthetics on others for theatre, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all these aspects . 
There is soo much different styles of make-up techniques which is used by Makeup artist , 
# Fashion Makeup.
# Threatical Makeup.
# FX Makeup.
# Air brushing Makeup.
# Bridal Makeup. 
# High Definition Makeup. 
Wedding Makeup
A wedding special day most brides want a totally different makeup scheme to their usual look, but many are worried about getting it wrong and ending up looking overdone. They use all branded products according to the type of skin . Wedding make up is considered as the best things in the world. 
Wedding Makeup artist
A big advantage is that the wedding makeup artist is very familiar with you he/she told you that what colours & makeup styles will suit a bride. 
Wedding make-up artists are extremely renowned and celebrated all across the World  for creating the most stunning, stylish and eye-catching make overs.
In every event and occasion requires you to put your best foot forward, flawlessly steal everyone's hearts !
Wedding makeup market takes a huge place in the world, if you are committed to making brides looks and feel beautiful on the biggest day of their lives. 
Some coordination of dresses and makeups for wedding
 1 . Bridal Makeup with Shades of Pastel Pink and a Hint of Mauve makeup which can be coordinated with Pastel outfit . 
 2 .  Sparkling Gold Eyes with matte lips types makeover with brocade fabric types of cloths .
 3 . A soft Smokey Eyes makeup with silver lehenga. 
 4 . Nude Makeup with off White and cream colour lehenga. 
 5. Winged Eyeliner for 90's look with white coloured Lehenga. 
 6. Contoured style makeup with gowns . 
Some tips and tricks for wedding makeup
# Stay hydrated , Drink litres of water everyday for at least two or three weeks before your wedding . And you will notice a improvements on your skin . 
# Start early with skincare , you need to get a good skincare. 
# Don't forget SPF , good spf products very helpful to your skin . 
# Make Your Makeup you have too choose a makeup products that hold up through every last photo .
# Looking Like Yourself you have to normally wear minimal makeup or whether you prefer more avant-garde looks . Overdo things looks soo chessy . 
# Pack a Touch-Up Kit , Pack a touch-up kit with the essentials blush, translucent powder, cotton swabs, and tissues  and stash it in a bridesmaid's clutch. 
# Leave Enough Time add 30 to 40 min to take your fully spaced on your skin . 
Services offered by Wedding Makeup Artists
These all services are surely provided by many professionals make-up artists like : 
# Pre-wedding trial makeup session at their studio. 
# Makeup application on the day of your wedding.
# Application of false lashes at trial and wedding day. 
# Airbrush foundation application. 
# Bride's Hair Styling,  Trial hair session at a choosing Locations or in studio. 
# Hair styling on the day of your wedding .
# Refund and cancellation All bookings requires a non refundable deposits and sometimes it's refundable for advanced money.
Some Essentials Questions While  Selecting A Wedding Makeup Artists
 1 .  What’s your standard rate and what does that include? 
 2. Are you available on my wedding day?
 3 . Can I book a wedding makeup trial appointment ?
 4 . Do you have a portfolio of your past works ?
 5 . What types of beauty products do you use?
 6 . How can you make wedding makeup last and look good in photos?
 7 . What wedding makeup look would you suggest for me?
 8 . What does your price include?
 9 . Are you able to travel so far if needed ?
 10 . How long will you be staying for on the day?
 11 . Would you be open to using my own make-up?
 12 . Shall you please travel to my Locations , or  do you have any specific space requirements for the trial and for the wedding ? 
 13 . Do you require a deposit? What about a contract ?
 14 . Do you have a website or blog?
 15 . What happens at the Trial Run or Preview Session? Do I come to you for this appointment? How much is the Trial or is it included in your services? How long will the Trial Run take? What is included in the Trial Run?

The important things while hiring a Makeup Artists
# Search and explore , research on the artists . 
# Make Your Bookings Well in Advance, don't miss out the chance of having your favourite artists. 
# Keep it Exclusive don't delay things . 
# Communication without being hesitate talk them about your skin issues and soo on. 
# Ask them Right Questions with them and clear out all your doubts and queries . 
 So, that is all about the process of hiring the right makeup artist for your wedding day. 
# Take care of your skin. 
# Consider weather when picking out products. 
# Do opt for waterproof makeup especially for your eyes. 
# Be generous with blusher. 
# Be prepared for shine. 

# Don’t Forget about touch-up essentials .
# Don’t get cakey. 
# Don’t get a spray tan the day before the big day.
# Don’t use the same concealer for your face and eyes. 
# Don’t forget the eyebrows.
# Don’t Skip the lip liner. 

Lastly Avoid All These Mistakes 
# Do not even think about trying something new. 
# Do not just go with the flow, sometimes it's better to do Things which suited on you. 
# Do not Add Shimmer on the Wrong Places . 
# Do not Going for Too-Dramatic Eyes. 
# Don't Skipping your Body Makeup. 
# Do not Chang Your Skincare Regiment . 
Checkout this blog , hopefully you got all your solutions here from start to an end.

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