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Musical Pheras By VKS Pandit Group

VKS Pandit Ji and his team have pioneered a new trend in wedding ceremonies where couples exchange vows accompanied by solemn chants infused with a musical and spiritual theme. Inspired by the epic Ramayana, this musical phere concept holds immense significance with the realization that such auspicious moments are rare and precious. This trend has gained popularity not only among modern couples but also among elders who appreciate the blend of spirituality and music. VKS Pandit Ji's team ensures the ancient ritual comes alive by skillfully singing the chants accompanied by Bollywood tunes, bhajans, lokgeet, or Marwadi folk songs. They also provide explanations to engage and captivate the attention of guests, creating unforgettable memories for the bride and groom.

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Wedding Pandits

Pandit is a person with specialized knowledge or a teacher of any field of knowledge in Hinduism, particularly the Vedic scriptures, dharma, Hindu philosophy, or secular subjects. They are so important in wedding ceremonies, pooja, funerals, and so on. The Pandits will also offer Kundli matchmaking, Janam Patrika, Vedic horoscope, Vastu consultation, and every other prediction related to your marriage or your life too.

The most important part of any wedding is the main ceremony is Wedding pandit. Because they taught whole rituals to the bride and groom. The wedding Pandit is a major supplier of your wedding as a wedding cannot be achieved without them. He has knowledge of everything. There are also different pandits for different works like Wedding Pandits are different; they work at weddings, Funeral pandits are different, they work only there. 

But it's not a compulsion, rarely it's happened. They also help with instant and accurate solutions for all your problems.

*Services offered by a Wedding Pandits*

Not only services and packages you have to find people you should trust.

 Wedding Pandits offers a lot of services which you can choose according to your requirements which are helpful to you, or which can fulfill your needs. They are also just not only serves one thing like wedding mantra they'll do ; 

# Wedding Pooja. 

# Wedding Ceremony.

# Kundali Matching.

# Yagya.

# Hawan.

# festivals pooja.

*Things keep in mind while hiring a wedding Pandit*. Here some important things you should consider; 

 *1*. The wedding is full of different ceremonies and it's all filled with pujas, rituals as these things required many worshipping ingredients you should make sure that they should provide all the materials or you have to buy them.

*2*. You should make sure about their availability, they may be required for pujas at home before or after the wedding.

 *3*. Ask and confirm the number of events performed by them. 

 *4*. If your wedding will be in out of your town then ask them will they travel or not and will they make their own travel and accommodation expenses preparations or you have to do it. 

 *5*. And if you find all the things in them, then talk about their works, prices, services, and so on. And then hire them!


 *Here are some questions to ask your wedding pandits* ; 

These are the most important things that you should clear all your doubts, queries regarding. 

 *1*. Does he have a contract- most don’t but it is important to have an agreement. 

 *2*. Will he have anyone with them as an assistant, what are the fees of their assistant? 

 *3*. Does he follow the program exactly or is it more of a guideline?

 *4*. Check he bounces around the program or if he follows it exactly? 

 *5*. How long Does he take the ceremony? Can he do a shorter ceremony?

 *6.* What is the agreed-upon price?

 *7.* Consider how well he speaks English and Hindi or any language if that is an important criterion for you!

 *8*. Can he also perform your post-wedding pujas too?

 *9*. Ask him what he will bring so there is no confusion on the day of the wedding.

 *10*. Each pandit follows a slightly different order of events so you make sure to ask and work accordingly to your family's terms.

*Check out their Booking and Cancellation policies*

Their packaging price to be paid at the time of booking or maybe advanced too, and also the amount to be paid directly to the vendor on the day of the event. Most pundits don't have cancellation policies. Once they're books you can't cancel them . They also have to be experienced for at least 5 to 10 years, but these days the newcomers will work so hard.  Just make sure they'll allow you to work with you, in this pandemic situation. They'll take precautions, hygiene and everything which is most important!

Wedding Ceremony is one of the most important events in one’s life. 

Choosing the best and right pandit is the hard part too. 

Don't hesitate to discuss your wishes for the ceremony in detail tell them, they'll also follow your thoughts. You can find them in your city and towns. And also checkout on various wedding sites, talk to the vendors.

*Check out this  inspiring and knowledgeable blog about wedding pandits and must go for the best ones !*

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