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Dance are a big part of every Indian wedding, after all we have an event dedicated just to dancing the sangeet.Radhika Events & Choreographer is an Kanpur based choreographer. They can choreograph all sort of performances bride and groom entries, family performances and much more. Their clients describe them as an understanding and flexible choreographer, Experienced choreographer. If you are looking for someone to make your performances memorable contact them. Specialization in dance genres: Hip-Hop Contemporary Popping & Locking Indian Folk Dance

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Latest Wedding Choreographer Ideas:

Choreography is the art or practice of movements of physical bodies. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance. Nowadays one of the latest trends is to have a grand sangeet night.

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Choreography is the art or practice of movements of physical bodies. Choreography may also refer to the design itself, which is sometimes expressed by means of dance. 

It is used to design dances. 

choreography is important to us. It gives us a chance to be intentional about what we say and push the boundaries of our movement, and in terms of community, it gives those of us who are less competitive a way to be in the spotlight.


A choreographer is one who creates choreographies by practicing the art of choreography.

They design and direct which is used in dances and performances. They used the choreography as an opportunity to express their personality through the creation of dance. Choreography is a mixture of both challenging and fulfilling!

*Wedding choreographers*

As with a Normal dancing choreographer, a wedding choreographer is the same as.

They teach you different styles of dances, which you can perform on your Wedding day, sangeet, haldi function, and so on.

They all specialize in innovative dance moves and customized songs.

 If you are searching for a good wedding choreographer which can offer a lot of dance styles and soundtracks then there are so many companies there in every city.

*Services offered by them*

t wedding choreographers teach the steps to the performers at rehearsals.

Their team has a special skill in connecting with their client to understand their comfort.

They will help you get over any hesitation that you might have.

 And provides different services like,

# Choreography for friends and family.

# Choreography for the couple.

# Song selection.

#  Track mixing.

# Teach you for performance.

# Story-board theme. performances.

# MC.

They will not only teach you dance but also tell you to be fit.

Gives you tips about your lifestyle which is so important and helpful to you.

*Hiring a choreographer for your Sangeet, Haldi, wedding, etc!*

A sangeet night, Haldi night & your wedding night cannot be complete without some special dance performances. Whether it is a romantic couple dance or any group dance at the end of the ceremony or the wedding reception, it is all about fun and dancing, singing, etc.

Make sure you hire one of these best wedding choreographers in town.

# Check out their reviews.

# Check their past works.

# See their social accounts if possible.

# Compare with Another also.

# See their services, prices, policies, and conditions.

*Tips and tricks before hiring them*

Nowadays one of the latest trends is to have a grand sangeet night. Almost everybody wants to have a grand sangeet night before their wedding where they can dance, eat and enjoy to the fullest, and for making this much more beautiful and exciting everyone would book a wedding choreographer.

# While hiring them firstly see their strength, mentality, and he knows every dance form very well.

# Choose that people who are friendly in nature not very serious types and angry young man types because everyone wants that he has taken classes from those who make everyone comfortable during the rehearsals.

# Hire them who have full knowledge about dance songs, all types of songs as you can choose any song for you and he will teach you accordingly your comfort level.

# Choose a professional and experienced person because he knows very well than newcomers,  how to explore things, how to use props, and so on. 

Here some important questions you can ask a choreographer while hiring them for your wedding.

1. When did you start choreographing?

2. What music is popular among couples who come to you to stage their First dance? 

 3. How many lessons do it typically take to prepare the dance?

 4. What other tips can you give to a young couple?

 5. What skills have you learned as a dancer that make you a good choreographer?

 6. Describe the best dance routine you’ve seen. How would you make it better?

 7. Should All Dances Be Choreographed?

 8. What is the most important thing in being a choreographer?

 9. Do you create choreography based on the dancers? or do you expect the dancers to fit the choreographer's demands?

10. Can you choreograph a dance without music?

These very casual questions you can ask them. It also makes a good talk between you and your wedding choreographer, by this you have interacted with each other¡¡

* Let's have looked at these points also,*

 1. Set a Budget.

 2. Be Strict About Time.

 3. Do your research.

 4. Be welcoming in your nature.

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These all suggestions, rules, tips, and tricks are very helpful. You can see so much stuff in it which is useful to you while choosing, and searching for a wedding choreographer.

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