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Best Wedding Photographer

Best Wedding Photographer

Mohit Bansal Chandigarh, Photographer

According to Mohit Bansal ,photography is not just a digital print, it depicts emotion and every photo has its own story.When it came to painting or putting shape to his ideas, Mohit was a natural. His bedroom used to be stuffed with hand-drawn drawings and paintings. After recognizing his abilities, his father encouraged him to explore his love and gave him a camera when he was a toddler. Mohit's father had seen him take wonderful photographs with the old roll-based camera, but he had no idea he had a photographic bent. His adventure began when he first held a professional camera in his hands.

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Latest Wedding Videographers Ideas:

Videography refers to the process of capturing moving images on electronic media and even streaming media. A videographer is a person who works in the field of videography and/or video production.

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Wedding videography is a video production that documents a wedding on video. The final product of the videographer's documentation is commonly called a wedding video. It is also referred to as a wedding movie or a wedding film. With time we have evolved in every best way possible to give you remarkable services and make your memorable days memories to last forever for you to cherish. There were so many photographers, videographers in your cities.

Suggestions To Videographer

These are a few suggestions you can give a wedding videographer.

 1.  Give them information about everything with the contact details of your venue, decors, etc.

 2. Let your videographer know everything early so that they can adjust according to the time.

3. Provide your videographer details about very important people or give them a fact sheet, that you would like to see in your wedding film.

 4. Introduce them to your photographer so that both can balance the things and work coordinately. 

 5. Introduce them to the Best Man or the Maid of Honour of the house, to whom they can direct any questions on your wedding day.

6. Give them a list with an order of service, so that they know where they should be and when for all the important moments of the day.



Ans: Finding the right wedding videographer because he makes the rest of your life with their beautiful shooting memories. 

# Hire professionals because he will work in a more manner full way.

# Hire a local videographer because local videographers already will make for a better film on the local Locations. 

# Don’t just look at just their portfolio, look at their reviews on multiple sites also watch there their demos.

# Know the style you like there were so different many ways to shoot wedding videos.

# Stick to your budget because your budget decides everything.


A Wedding videographer can offer you a range of services to choose from, each one of which would be aimed at ensuring that your wedding story and the journey is chronicled in the most perfect and beautiful manner so that you can have cheerful memories to cherish.

# Wedding films

# Teaser videos

# Lip-dub videos

# Save the date videos

# Pre-wedding shoots

# Traditional videography

# Candid photography

# Traditional photography

# Albums

# Photobooth


These are all services that choose them for all your needs.

Some essentials questions we can ask a wedding videographer before hiring them.

# When did you become a Wedding Videographer? / How many weddings have you filmed?

# Are you available on our wedding date?

# How do you choose the music for the video?

# What are your packages,  cancellation & refund policy?

# How long will you be there on the wedding day?

# How do you use your equipment, elements?

# How do you handle making corrections to the final product?

# How do you handle payment?

# How Many other shooters do you have?

# What exactly will be delivered and by when? 

# Are changes available once we see the first edit?

These some essential questions you can ask your wedding videographer before hiring them so that they can find a perfect videographer for their wedding.

 Follow these Do's and don'ts

Some helpful hints to get the most out of your wedding video.

 Do's ; 

 1.  Do hire a member of an official body such as the Institute of Videography.

 2.  Do meet the person who will actually be filming. Remember these people will be attending your wedding and sometimes interacting with your guests. 

 3. Do get the most out of your contract.

 4. Do ask your wedding videographer to break down the wedding scenes into chapters.

 Don'ts ; 

 1.  Don’t take the risk of using an amateur to record one of the most important days of your life. 

 2. Don’t worry about feeling self-conscious on film. 

 3. Don't forget to negotiate about your video duration. 

 4. Don't take the risk of hiring an amateur to record your wedding day. 

Look for the videographer who has good exposure and whose work is also good. Do not just hire anybody without seeing his work.

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